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Coldwell Banker Commercial Capital Advisors Investment Sales & 1031 Exchange team collaborates with Exeter 1031 Exchange Services as the Qualified Intermediary to ensure our clients’ transactions comply with IRS regulations.

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“At Coldwell Banker Commercial Capital Advisors, we are dedicated to fulfilling the Real Estate Investment desires and needs of our clients. We strive and commit to helping our clients successfully navigate through the entire process of acquiring new property, selling their existing property, and executing the 1031 Exchange process efficiently and to achieve outstanding results all the way to a successful closing.”

1031 Exchange

A 1031 exchange, also known as a “Like-Kind Exchange”, is a tax-deferral strategy that allows investors to sell one property and reinvest the proceeds into another property of “like-kind” while deferring the payment of capital gains taxes. The main purpose of a 1031 exchange is to allow investors to keep their investment capital intact, rather than paying taxes on the sale of a property and reducing the amount of capital available for reinvestment. This type of exchange is typically used in real estate investment and is governed by specific rules and regulations set forth by the IRS.

Benefits to doing a 1031 exchange:

    • Defer Capital Gains Taxes
    • Defer Depreciation Recapture Taxes
    • Increase Investment Portfolio
    • Diversify Investments
    • Maximize Investment Capital
    • Relocate Investment Geographically
    • Acquire Larger Properties
    • Exchange into Different Property Types
    • Cost Segregation Opportunities

Heirs Receive a Stepped-Up Basis Upon Inheritance

Benefits of a 1031 Exchange

A 1031 exchange can be a valuable tool for real estate investors looking to defer paying capital gains taxes on the sale of a property. By reinvesting the proceeds into a similar property, the investor can defer paying taxes on their gains until they eventually sell the replacement property.

This can allow the investor to grow their wealth and defer paying taxes on their gains until they are in a lower tax bracket or until they are ready to sell the replacement property.

Additionally, a 1031 exchange can help an investor diversify their portfolio, acquire larger properties, or exchange into a different property type.


1031 Exchange Deadlines

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Diving Deeper into a 1031 Exchange

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